Lifestyle Medicine: An Overview

This introductory course on Lifestyle Medicine (LM) will cover the UK and international consensus over what defines the practice of Lifestyle Medicine and how it is emerging as a new medical speciality. We will introduce the new academic research areas of immunometabolism, sleep science, the concept of “metaflammation”, epigenetics and the microbiome which drive the science behind LM. We will cover some of the controversies, challenges and opportunities around using LM and how its personalised individual supportive approach fits with public and population health approaches. We will briefly cover some of the key pieces of evidence that inform LM and the key principles and skills that have been found to support patients to sustain healthy lifestyle changes.

We are confident that you will want to go on to learn more about Lifestyle Medicine after this introduction. At the end of the module we have provided further reading and resources and we have a growing range of courses that will be avilable in the very near future.

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This course has been accredited by BSLM for 1.5 hours CPD.

Price: £85.00