BSLM Enhanced Personal Development in Lifestyle Medicine

The BSLM Enhanced Personal Development in Lifestyle Medicine will be an interactive, immersive programme which will provide learners with the attitudes and theoretical knowledge behind Lifestyle Medicine, and then build on that foundation with the practical skills to enable that theory to be used in work and personal life.


Our programme has been developed using our state-of-the-art Learning Management System and will offer users a self-paced programme with an optional assessment; helping to reinforce learning and to complement your own lifestyle choices. The programme will consist of three levels (stages two and three are released after 30 and 60 days respectively) with all learners beginning their journey with the “Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine” course:

By signing up to the Enhanced Personal Development bundle you will receive the following benefits:

Access to course content; released at regular intervals as you progress through the stages of the programme

• Optional Assessment add-on (included in price) which will provide a Certificate of Achievement

Upon enrolment you will have access to the following courses:

Lifestyle Medicine: A Foundation Course

• Interventional Studies

• Epidemiological Studies

• Assessments, Support and Contacts


In month two we will release the modules related to the Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine:


• Physical Activity

• Mental Wellbeing

• Healthy Relationships

• Sleep

• Managing Harmful Substances


Finally, in month three you can access:

Lifestyle Medicine Skills

• Coaching Skills


Price: £1,200.00